DSP series / DSP-A



·DSP module can search the IP address automatically

·One PC can manage many different DSP modules or powered speakers

·DATA from DSPs exchange freely

·IP address gain automatically easy for users to set the IP address


DSP 2input/2output and 1input/3output




48Khz   sample rate(can change to 96Khz sample rate)

24   bit ADC/DAC,48 bit TI DSP

2input/2output   or 1input/3output

Dynamic   Range:>110dB

Maximum   Input level:+21dBu

Operation   Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz

Butterworkth,Bessel,   Linkwitz-Rilley Filters

12,18,24,48db/Octave   slopes

Paramtric   EQ: 20Hz-20KHz

8   band fully Parametric EQ for each input/output

180°phase   inverter and mute for each output

WIFI:   Ethernet by TCP/IP

All-Pass   Filter:Adjustable frequency and Q setting control

app   for IOS and Androi and IPAD(new version)

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