Rational Acoustics formally authorizes ZSOUND for

The 26th Beijing international radio and television exhibition (BIRTV2017) will be held at the China international exhibition center in Beijing from August 23 to 26, 2017. BIRTV2017, Beijing Oriental best union film and TV technology co., LTD will take "network, intelligence and integration" as the theme from three main exhibit at the exhibition, to create a real digital cinema scene, exciting show wisdom cinema solutions.

   DPM100/DPA amplifier display area.


    Beijing Oriental jia lian film and television technology co., LTD. Is the general agent of QSC brand in China. The QSC brand has been around for nearly 50 years, starting with a power amplifier and a processor.


   Dpm100/100h is the latest theater processor of QSC, and is the physical product of the design concept of QSC high cost performance professional film processor. In addition to volume output, monitoring volume control knob, monochrome LCD screen and page turn button, there is no other red tape, minimalist.

    In terms of function, the dpm100/100h sparrow is small, full of five elements, capable of supporting the passive and dual-amplifier driving mode of 5.1/7.1, and the listening function of the classic DCM series products. On DPM100H model and HDMI input and output port (support Dolby * Digital PlusTM Dolby * ® Surround 7.1, DTS ® - HD decoding), can be directly to isolate external HDMI audio signal, and bring great convenience for theater workers.


    DPM100/100 h also integrates the QSC classic intrinsic calibration technology, the system structures, test the user can get clean amplification system, distinguish where the interference source comes from the field measurement results, and according to their own needs and preferences to adjust, correction and set up the entire audio system.。

    DPM100/100 QSC DATAPORT interface is configured on the back of the h version, using a dedicated DATAPORT line, audio transmission and reliable, and it also carries the monitoring data of the power amplifier, operations staff can understand the working condition of equipment in real time.


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